Banjo Player’s Blues


Banjo Player’s Blues (Released: 2020), High Fidelity’s second recording for the historic Rebel Records label, is a showcase of the band’s love for tradition, brother duets, virtuosic instrumental innovators, well-crafted harmony, gospel music, and banjos. This album delivers these characteristics flawlessly, presented by a band consisting of talented singers and multi-instrumentalists. Their love for the sometimes overlooked early innovators of this music is present throughout the album and is presented so authentically as to make these uncommon songs seem both fresh and familiar. Even the tracks that listeners might recognize come from such an uncommonly traditional source that their delivery feels as new and exciting as when they were originally recorded.

Release Date: June 12, 2020


1. Old Home Place 2:27

2. You Made The Break 2:52

3. The South Bound Train 2:48

4. His Charming Love 2:39

5. Tears of Regret (Featuring Jesse McReynolds) 2:55

6. Turkey In The Straw 2:48

7. The Picture On The Wall 3:02

8. Banjo Player’s Blues 2:05

9. Dear God 3:05

10. Feudin’ Banjos 2:04

11. Helen 2:29

12. Take My Ring From Your Finger 2:34

13. Got A Little Light 2:44